We are so excited that you want to be a part of the Boyd Choir family!
Here is a little information to get you started but if you still have questions please feel free to email us!

Do I have to audition?
While all students are welcome to sing in choir, we do want to hear you sing so you are placed in the choir where you will be most successful. If you are currently singing in a McKinney ISD middle school choir program, we will come and visit your choir class and hear you sing over the next several weeks. If you are not currently enrolled in choir, stop by our office and introduce yourself. You can always email us.

What class do I put on my schedule?
You can put any choir on your schedule, even just the word "choir". We, and your counselor, will make sure you end up in the right place.

I already completed my schedule...but now I want to be in choir.
No problem! Just send an email to us and tell us what class you would like to drop in order to add choir - we'll handle the rest.

I love choir but I also love other things!
We often have students in our choirs that excel in many areas - this is a great thing! If you want to be a part of choir then we will make it happen. For example, this year we have choir students that are also enrolled in dance, football, softball, orchestra, band, baseball, soccer, theater, yearbook - and more! These students still get to be a part of our program, with many of them assuming leadership roles due to their varied interests and the dedication that is required to be so involved. 

I want to take choir but I need so many credits to graduate!
Remember that the four years you spend in highs chool are about developing as a student and finding out what you truly love to do. Colleges are far more interested in a well-rounded individual that is exposed to many things than someone who decided their major before even getting to high school. Your involvement in choir, and the fine arts, will help develop critical thinking; enhance creativity; build confidence; develop interpersonal relationships; and reinforce leadership skills among many others.

The short answer here is that endorsements sound a lot more involved than they are. Endorsements are required by the state to graduate; however, colleges do not have an opinion on endorsements as this is just a Texas legislative requirement. A student declares an endorsement before ninth grade but can change it at any time during their high school career. Only one endorsement is required in order to graduate and this can be achieved with four years of choir!

Does music make you smarter?
In 2016 the average SAT score for students without music study was 1455 while students with music study averaged at 1603. In fact, for the past 5 years, students that studied music in high school scored between 10-12% higher than those who didn’t.
Source: College Entrance Examination Board, Profile of College-Bound Seniors National Reports

When will I know what choir I'm in?
Rosters will be posted during the week of final exams.