We have made some changes to the way choirs are structured for next year so let us reintroduce you to our ensembles.

Lyric: Comprised of freshmen and beginning treble voices, this choir will focus on building tone, ensemble singing, and reinforcing the foundation for musical excellence. Lyric is also the best place for those new to Boyd Choir as we will take extra care to teach the Bronco Way and make sure you learn all about the specifics of our program.

Meistersingers: Designed specifically for our beginning and developing tenor and bass singers, this ensemble is comprised of mostly freshmen and sophomore voices allowing us to spend time on developing tone and showcasing the male voice. This ensemble will often combine with other choirs to perform a broad spectrum of repertoire.

Fusion: Fusion is our vocal jazz and pop ensemble that is also our primary touring group for Boyd Choir. Members of Fusion are concurrently enrolled in A Cappella and sing repertoire of many different genres while learning advanced vocal technique and jazz theory.

Bella Voce: Bella Voce is our advanced treble chorus for experienced and developing singers. This new addition to our program is one we are very excited about and look forward to performing more varied and advanced repertoire for treble voices with this new group!

A Cappella: Our varsity mixed choir is comprised of mostly upperclassmen that posses superior vocal talent as well as advanced rehearsal technique and behavior.

Great attention and time has been spent on selecting the most appropriate choir for each of our members. While we are happy to discuss your placement when we meet again in the Fall, please know that all decisions are final.

If you believe your name is missing from the rosters please email us and let us know which course in your schedule you want to drop for choir - we are happy to make it work for you!
If you are a new member to our program and we haven’t had a chance to meet you yet then we will voice you during the first week of school and make sure that you are in the right place.

2019-2020 Choir Rosters