Charms is an online information management system that MISD schools use to better serve their teachers and students. If you are involved in our program then you should become very familiar with this website! If you are new to Boyd Choir please log on right now and enter your information. If you are a returning member, please check to see that all your information is correct. All information stored on Charms is private and secure. Besides contact information, t-shirt sizes, etc - Charms is also where you can keep track of your fees, payments, forms and assigned materials.

To access charms, visit from any internet enabled device. Make sure you are entering your login information in the "Parent/Student" area.

At the prompt enter "mckboydchoir", the password is your student ID number.
Charms no longer allows ID numbers for passwords and will prompt you to change your password after your first login.
If you forgot your password you are able to ask for a password reset directly from the login page; however, please email us if you have trouble.